About Us

Reducing waste and providing value is pretty much what everything we do is about. 

Why?  Because we worked in the electronics industry for many years,  and watched how every time a new Apple product was released people would run to the store and wait in line to spend a lot of money on upgrading their equipment. 

It made us think of how much goes to waste, and it's not just the money we were thinking about,  but the great working computers that either get thrown away or burried in a closet simply because there is a newer version available. 

Waste hurts our environment, so we thought to ourselves what can we do about it? after a few brainstorming sessions with some colleagues and a little bit of research we decided to start buying these Macbooks from some friends, tested them and sold them, we realised we can really do this, create a company that will help people get high quality Mac computers for cheap and help the environment at the same time.